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The Cat's Den

Get started NOW creating the perfect Catio for your cat!


Keep your cat healthy, happy and safe with unique outdoor spaces for cats. Habitat Haven’s enclosures can be assembled in infinite combinations. Our modules are designed to mix and match to fit any space and budget. The configurations are limited only by your imagination. You can choose one of our easy-to-build DIY Kits or you can mix and match components to put together your own Kit. Contact us for help if you are unsure about what you need.


Habitat Haven's trademark enclosures have been perfected over 15 years. We have put a lot of thought and engineering into their design. It is a completely closed, modular system designed to keep pets safe from harm and prevent escape. The materials have been carefully chosen for their strength, durability as well as aesthetics. Our unique modular, frame-less construction allows the structure and tunnels to be self-supporting as well as visually pleasing so that it practically disappears into the background. Our designs are flexible and portable so that when you move, you can disassemble and transport the enclosure to a new location. 

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