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We’ve been providing pets and their owners happy and worry-free outdoor enjoyment for 15 years. Our trademark enclosure designs are strong, durable and attractive. They are recommended by veterinarians throughout North America as the best way to keep pets safe.

For Cats

We all want to give our cats the best quality of life possible. Letting your cat enjoy time outdoors has many benefits but letting cats roam unconstrained is generally considered a dangerous solution. On average, cats who are allowed to roam outdoors often don’t live to see age five. Cats who are always kept safely indoors can live to be 18 to 20 years old.

A well built enclosure like Habitat Haven provides will allow cats to have all the benefits of getting outdoors and still be an “indoor cat”.


  • Safe from traffic
  • Safe from wild animals
  • Safe from predatory birds
  • Safe from other cats or dogs
  • Safe from human abuse

Other Benefits

  • Protects birds from your cat
  • Neighbors will have no reason to complain about your cat trespassing.


  • Less likely to contract diseases
  • More active & less obese
  • A sense of security means less mental stress
  • Happier and more playful

In addition, keeping cats strictly indoors can also pose risks:

  • Difficulty expressing normal cat behaviors
  • Increased incidence of behavior issues
  • Lack of stimulation & boredom
  • Lack of exercise
  • Higher rate of obesity
  • Stress associated issues
  • Overall more difficult to fully meet physical, social, and emotional needs of strictly indoor cats.

 Let us help you improve the well-being of your cat(s) while also keeping them safe!

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