Free Freight Shipping on Orders Over $999 | Nationwide USA Installation Partners

Free Freight Shipping on Orders Over $999 | Nationwide USA Installation Partners


Terms, Conditions, Policies, and Guidelines

 It is extremely important to us that your pets are secure and happy inside their Habitat Haven enclosures. We take great pride and care creating some of the finest outdoor enclosures available in the world. In order to deliver on our award-winning standards and your expectations, we think it is important to be transparent about our policies, guidelines, product claims, and liability. You can learn more about that below.

 Please review and agree to our policies and guidelines regarding product claims, shipping, returns, installation and liability:


Maintenance.  There is minimal maintenance required since all of our materials a specifically chosen for their resiliance in outdoor environments. Outlined below are specific guidance to assist you with prolonging the look and life of your purchase.

Welded Wire Mesh and Other Metal Hardware. Our metal parts are custom made by Habitat Haven with galvanized steel that is then UV powder coated. Though uncommon, environmental conditions such as salt air , acidic trees, and animal urine can shorten the lifespan of the enclosures. We recommend minimizing the exposure of any metal products, including Habitat Haven metal parts to the above mentioned factors as well as any other corrosive substance to the extent you are able to do so. This will prolong the life of your item. We recommend giving your enclosure, brackets, clips, and other hardware a close look once a year to identify if there are any deep scratches or exposed metal that have developed. If you notice a deep scratch, chip in the paint, or even minor evidence of rust starting, use touch up paint to resolve this. If rust has begun, try to sand or file as much of the rust away prior to applying touch up paint.

Human Entry Door Hardware. It is recommended that you lubricate the pins of the door hinge pins once a year using appropriate lubricant. One option we prefer is lanolin based. A popular brand is marketed as “Fluid Film” and commonly found in home improvement stores.

Excessive Snowfall. Generally speaking, snow will fall through the wire mesh grid of our enclosures, tunnels, towers, etc. In some circumstances the snow may begin to stick and then freeze to the enclosure roof (especially if an awning is installed.) In a heavy snowfall this could accumulate and add high amounts of weight to the enclosure. Primarily as a "better safe than sorry" precaution, we recommend encouraging snow to fall through the mesh either by tapping on mesh with something or brushing the mesh with a broom if you notice heavy accumulation on your Habitat Haven items.

Awnings and Hammocks. We recommend removing awnings and hammocks during periods where excessive snowfall or ice is possible. If the awning or hammock is left installed, it is important to monitor for snow and remove the snow if it accumulates significantly. We also recommend removing awnings and hammocks during periods of high winds in excess of 50mph.

Cedar Wood. The high quality cedar we use in our products possesses natural characteristics that make it visually beautiful, extremely durable outdoors, and last for many years without any maintenance. This includes natural resistance to insects, rot, mold, and other common issues with other common wood types. Treating the wood is not necessary, however it may serve to prolong the life of your cedar. Since most wood coatings are toxic to pets, we do not apply those in our shop. Of course, you are free to take this step if you are comfortable doing so. We recommend looking over the cedar annually to inspect for any structural deterioration that could be dangerous for your pets. Replace as needed.


Installation.  It is recommended that at least two reasonably healthy people are present to install the enclosures. Our systems are designed for DIY assembly by the customer. However, at least one person on site during assembly with functional knowledge of carpentry and assembly are recommneded. 

 We are not responsible for damage incurred during assembly/disassembly.

 It is assumed that the customer and persons involved in the installation are reasonably competent and possess the skills necessary to safely and securely install Habitat Haven enclosures.

It is the responsibility of the persons and or end-user to comply with all laws regarding the installation and use of any product or service that Habitat Haven provides, either directly or indirectly. It is also the responsibility of the persons or end-user to ensure that competent people are involved in installation, assembly and to use the product in accordance with directions or instructions provided to the end-user at the time of installation and/or delivery.


Use of Habitat Haven Enclosures.  It is not recommended that cats 3 months, toy dogs 4 months or younger be allowed in the enclosure made from the 2”x 2” mesh. It is possible that the kittens or puppies may slip out or their heads will get stuck. For other dog breeds it is up to to the customers’ judgment as to the age of the dog allowed in the enclosure.


Payment.  Due to the way we process and ship orders, your payment will be due 100% upfront before we can begin making your order. This means your payment will be authorized and captured immediately for your order. 


Order Cancellations. Once you place your order, you have 24 hours in which to cancel your order for a refund (a minimum 5% cancellation fee will be applied). It is important to note that our enclosures, tunnels, towers, bridges, stairs, awnings, hammocks, and other items are hand-made to order in our workshop in Oxford, Michigan. This means that we custom fabricate each component especially for you. This also means that any attempt to cancel an order after we have started the process of making your order results in a very large cost to Habitat Haven. Due to this, once the 24 hour cancellation period has passed, there is a minimum cancellation fee equal to 20% of the order value for standard catalog items up to a maximum of 50% based on how much time has elapsed since your order was placed. In all other circumstances, including but not limited to modified enclosures, custom configurations, and special-order items, cancellations are not accepted.


Shipping. Due to the size of our items, orders are shipped primarily using our network of freight carriers (including but not limited to Estes, R & L, T Force, etc.) in continental North America. Email confirmation is sent when order is shipped. Delivery will be made at the curb of your delivery address, it is up to the specific carrier and driver if they assist with moving it to a specific location beyond that point. The shipment may be a single shipment or in multiple shipments depending on the size and items in your order. Alternate arrangements can potentially be made if necessary for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.


Discrepencies/Damage.  It is very rare that we encounter issues with damage or missing items. This is due to how we package your order for shipment in accordance with our time-tested guidelines for minimizing the occurrence of shipping errors and damage. You should promptly inspect the order upon receipt to determine whether any items included in the shipment are in short supply, defective, or otherwise not in conformance with what was ordered. Within 21 days of receipt of your order, you should notify us of any shortages, defects, or non-conformance, and we will promptly address such issues. 


Refunds. We will accept any unused standard pre-designed catio kits, tools, shelf brackets, hammocks, cat doors (items must be priced at $4000 or less) for a refund of the purchase price of the product within 30 days of the delivery date to the customer. There will be a minimum 20% restocking charge for any items constructed of wire mesh which includes enclosures, stairs, towers, tunnels, etc. There will be a minimum 10% restocking charge for all  other items. The cost of shipping the returned item will be the customer’s responsibility, both inbound (back to us) and outbound (the delivery costs from our location to you). In all other circumstances, including but not limited to items that include modified enclosures, awnings, custom configurations, and special-order items, all sales are final.

 Shipping and handling charges are not refundable under any circumstances. If the product is damaged during delivery to the customer, we will send replacement parts. A damaged part in no way extends our return policy to cover refunding shipping and handling costs.

 Damaged accessory items may be required to be returned before we will send a replacement item. Proof must be provided of damaged parts before they will be replaced. This may include a digital photo, analog photo, video or return of the damaged item. Return requirements and/or proof will be requested at Habitat Haven’s discretion.

 We cannot accept returns and will not issue credits for products damaged due to the customer’s improper packaging, including damage incurred while shipping the product back to Habitat Haven. It is the customer’s responsibility to properly package and insure returned packages as well as handle any claim issues regarding damage during return.

 We cannot accept returns for used or opened accessory items, unless it is due to a defect with the product. This includes and is not limited to awnings, hammocks, and tool products.

 We cannot refund items that have any type of animal contamination such as, but not limited to feces or urine. If we receive returned items with contamination on them, they will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense and cleaned of any contamination and returned to Habitat Haven or the value of the contaminated parts will be deducted from the total dollar amount of the refund.

 Once returns are received by Habitat Haven, they will be inspected for damage. Acceptance of a return from an outside carrier does not mean Habitat Haven agrees the products are in acceptable condition for a refund. Once the packages are opened and inspected, any part in damaged or unacceptable condition will be deducted from the return amount. Cages and accessory items are not necessarily inspected immediately upon receipt. Unacceptable or missing items will be deducted from the refund amount at the full retail price. It is solely at Habitat Haven’s discretion to determine if the parts are in acceptable condition or missing.

 We do not offer refunds for defects in wood or bamboo. These features occur naturally in these types of materials and should be expected initially or over time. This includes and are not limited to cracks, smoothness, splits and warping. Care is taken prior to shipping to ensure material defects that may affect performance are removed prior to shipping. It is at Habitat Haven’s discretion to determine if a flaw warrants a replacement or refund.


Limitation of Liability.  Except to the extent that these terms expressly and unambiguously states otherwise, neither Habitat Haven nor any of its directors, officers, employees, agents, distributors, vendors, independent contractors, partners, shareholders, parent companies, subsidiary companies, associated companies, trustees, receiver or other representatives is liable, or will be liable, in any way or to any extent for any injury, harm, damages or other loss arising out of, as a result of or in connection with the design, manufacture, installation, use or non-use of any product or service provide by, under, through or in connection with this agreement. This exclusion and limitation of liability are comprehensive and apply to any and all forms, types and kinds of injury, harm, damages and other loss (including, without restricting the generality of the foregoing , any injury, harm, damages or loss that is or are direct, indirect, compensatory, incidental, special, general, punitive, aggravated, consequential, loss of data, profit or income, loss of or damage to property, defamatory or loss of or damage to reputation) that arise or that occur at any time in any way anywhere, including without limiting the generality of the forgoing, any negligence, any breach of contract, any breach of any law  (statutory, regulatory, administrative, common law, equity, criminal, national, state, municipal or otherwise), any product liability, any deliberate act, any criminal or illegal act or omission, any defamation or any similar act or omission (negligent, illegal or otherwise)by Habitat Haven or by any third party.