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Free Freight Shipping on Orders Over $999 | Nationwide USA Installation Partners


Habitat Haven Catio Kits

Create the Perfect Outdoor Cat Enclosure Connected to Your House

Do your cats love to perch themselves on the window, watching the birds fly by, green grass, and blue sky outside? You can help your feline family member safely experience the outdoors with a catio kit to turn your window or door into a cat sanctuary. Indoor cats with access to the outdoors are generally healthier and better behaved than those restricted to the indoors.

You can order a pre-made catio kit, build your own from dozens of unique parts, or have one entirely custom-made for your property by our design experts.

Catio Kits to Fit Your Needs

Your cat’s safety is our number one goal in every catio kit we design, the next is your cat’s happiness. We offer a selection of pet-approved, pre-designed layouts your cats are sure to love. Some of these outdoor cat enclosures can even be connected to your house for easy access so your furry family members can get fresh air anytime they want.

If you have something extra special in mind, you can make your own catio with our components. In addition, Habitat Haven accessories can be mixed and matched to create the layout of your pet’s dreams! Include tunnels, bridges, stairs, or towers in your personalized kit to keep your cat stimulated for hours.

Perhaps you want something unique but don’t want to create it yourself. That’s ok too! Our design team has been creating catio kits for over 20 years and can help bring your vision to life. Simply fill out a custom enclosure form, and our engineers will get to work designing and crafting your catio.

Why Choose Habitat Haven

Our top-of-the-line quality means that our materials are made to withstand the test of time. Metal wiring made with heavy-gauge galvanized steel and cedar floors and ledges are tough enough to last through any weather conditions. Additionally, the awnings and hammocks are waterproof and fade-resistant, keeping them looking new for years to come.

Whether you’re interested in free-standing catio kits or outdoor cat enclosures connected to your house, we can help! Contact us so we can help you pick out the perfect pet paradise!

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