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Catio Stairs

When it comes to your cat’s exploration and safety in their enclosure, catio stairs are a must to help them get places. Habitat Haven specializes in a variety of step configurations that can make your catio more accessible.

Stairs allow for an expansion of your catio. They add height to a walkway or connect to a higher or lower component. For your cat’s safety, both the two- and four-step stairs are enclosed so your cat can’t jump out and no other animal can jump in.

Customized for Every Enclosure

Finding the best steps for your catio can be challenging. They have to fit your design, they have to be weather-resistant, and they have to connect without much hassle. This is why Habitat Haven customizes each order according to the client. Whether your enclosure is big or small, our stairs will be the perfect size.

Whether there’s a tunnel or tower that your cat can’t get to, our 2-step catio stairs make it easier for them to maneuver. Catio stairs are the perfect connectors between components, and they can be a great design element. You will enjoy watching your cat leap and play.

Build Vertically to Maximize Space

Every yard configuration is different. If you want something bigger than a window enclosure, but you don’t have the real estate to expand horizontally, building up is a smart move. Stairs allow you to create a multi-level enclosure with a small footprint.

All Habitat Haven products are designed for easy installation, but if you require assistance planning your enclosure, our engineers are available to help you finish the design.

Catering To Your Cat’s Comfort

No enclosure is the same, which is why we personalize your catio stairs according to your enclosure. All our stairs have two access points, and you can choose if the doors should allow for left turns, right turns, or a straight passage.

If you’re confused about where to add steps for your catio, think about vertical areas that have too much space between them. Do you have a bridge over a walkway but no way for your cat to access it? Stairs are the perfect solution.

The step rise and run of each of our 2- and 4-step configurations is eight inches, and each set of catio stairs arrives fully assembled according to your selections at checkout. If you need design help or have questions about which option to choose, contact us. We’ll find the perfect match so your cat can keep exploring.