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Catio Towers

Cats love to climb, which is why catio towers are a wonderful way to give your cat more space and entertainment. Habitat Haven helps you find the perfect accessories to help your cat safely enjoy the outdoors.

Our custom-designed cat climbing towers come with cedar floors and attached steps. Each tower is three-sided with a 6" wire mesh attachment strip to secure it to the building.

Customized for Your Cat

With Habitat Haven, you have several options for your catio tower. Choose a single or dual-access-point tower and then select the specific style and size that will suit your needs. All access openings accept tunnels, bridges, and stairs.

Our cat climbing towers are designed to attach to a freestanding building, whether that’s your home or an animal clinic. Wherever you want to create an outdoor space for your cat to explore, towers can maximize space with a minimal footprint.

Multiple Entry/Exit Points

Dual-access-point designs are popular for configurations that involve tunnels or bridges. Choose the direction for your cat to enter the base of the tower, and then place the top opening where you need an exit. If you’re having trouble drawing it up or you’re not sure which option to choose, contact us for design help. Our planning experts will ensure you make the right selection, or assist you in designing a custom tower that best suits your needs.

Giving Your Cat Space

You can buy premade cat climbing towers at any pet supply store, but what makes a custom catio tower is that the shelf spacing allows your cat to jump from one level to the next. This exercise is a healthier and more authentic outdoor experience than most store-bought towers. 

Catio towers can be installed against buildings, fences, or an existing cat enclosure. Giving your cat the space to jump and explore outside improves their health and leads to better indoor behavior.

Seamless Assembly

No matter which catio tower you buy, all of them come fully assembled and ready to install. It means that you won’t have to spend time or hire someone to build it for your enclosure. The tower is built to be attached to a building, making it easy to secure and keep your cat safe.