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Pre-Designed Cat Patio Enclosure Kits

Keep your pet safe, happy, and healthy

Cat patio enclosures by Habitat Haven allow your cat to roam freely and safely outdoors your cat roam freely and safely outdoors. These pre-designed and configured outdoor cat enclosure kits are some of our most popular options, and for good reason. They’re the best and easiest way to keep your cat healthy and happy with enriching outdoor access.

Pre-designed, time-tested, and budget-friendly, our pre-configured cat enclosure kits make it simple to set up your cat’s outdoor oasis.

Kits that make Catios Purrfectly Easy!

My Own Den Petit
$1,495.94 USD
My Own Den
$1,541.94 USD
A Room With A View
$1,580.94 USD
Cat Walk Petit
$1,931.94 USD
Cat Walk
$2,008.94 USD
Home Away From Home
$3,332.94 USD
$3,722.94 USD
The Great Escape
$5,556.94 USD
cat patio bridge

Versatile Cat Patios

Our outdoor cat enclosure kits are built with durable and easy-to-assemble interchangeable parts, making it simple to build them yourself and make adjustments as needed to purrfectly fit your home and yard.

Use these pre-designed cat patio kits to get started. Some include higher shelving, placements for hammocks, tunnels, and more. They’re great because cats love being up high! 

You can also choose and adjust the size of the structure, making it easy to build a catio for your cats that will fit your yard, patio, deck, or balcony.

Cats Love it!

Your cat can have access to their catio any time they like! Using stairs and tunnels, you can connect doors, windows, or other access points. It’s a very low-maintenance way to give your cats extra space and fresh air.

All of our pre-designed cat patios include an entry door for people, allowing you to play with your cat or enjoy the outdoors with them. All enclosures can be placed anywhere in your yard, against a wall or window, or freestanding on a deck or patio with ease.

cat resting in outdoor enclosure kit
cat in cat patio

DIY Outdoor Cat Enclosure Kits

Your cat patio kit will include instructions and all the items you need to give your cat a great spot to explore the sights, smells, and sounds of the outdoors. 

Most handy people can assemble a Habitat Haven catio themselves over a weekend. These kits have simple instructions, and only need common tools to set up. Building your own outdoor cat enclosure has never been easier. 

If you do need help, you’re welcome to contact us and our design team will be happy to assist you.

Design Your Own Custom Catio Kit

Use these pre-designed catio kits to build your own outdoor cat enclosure or work with our team to design one for you. At Habitat Haven we want your cat to have plenty of space to climb, explore and enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment. 

Start by selecting a pre-designed cat patio model from our list, or by giving us a call at 866-484-0644.

two cats in outdoor enclosure

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