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About Habitat Haven

A Pet Lover’s Idea

The inspiration for our enclosures was born out of practical necessity and love.

Cuddles and Ching were adopted and it was decided that they were going to be indoor cats, for their safety and health. But after a while, it was clear that the only excitement they had was when we came home at night and played with them.

They always made a dash past for open doors and we felt like goalies trying to block their escape. They also spent a lot of time wistfully gazing out the window. It was important to let them have some way to go outside and be absolutely safe.

Crafting a Solution

The solution needed to be renter-friendly and able to come when we moved. It needed to be strong and durable. Nothing existed that fulfilled all these requirements and was functional, versatile, and attractive too. So we decided to design our own.

In our first attempt at catio building at the time, we installed "trial and error" solution around the window and watched our babies take to it immediately. Their energy increased, the escape attempts at the door stopped and they even lost a few pounds. Now they could exercise and explore on their own. Soon other people with pets of all sorts became interested and our catio company Habitat Haven was born.

Incredible Catio

What Makes Our Enclosures Superior to Catio Builder Competitors?

We’ve had more than 20 years as a catio company to perfect our products. The majority of our components are designed specifically for our enclosures, making them purpose-built and top of the line.

Because we’re cat people, our desire to make the best products starts within our hearts. We won’t offer you products we aren’t comfortable using with our own pets, as we know how important they are to their pet parents.

Each enclosure is created using durable, powder-coated steel components and a sturdy mesh fence that can withstand various climates and keep out other animals, ensuring your cat’s protection. Our catio company offers steps, flooring, and bridges that are made from high-quality cedar wood, making it a long-lasting option.

Additionally, hammocks and awnings are made from tough outdoor-appropriate fabrics that are meant to last. Each is made from fade-resistant and water-proof materials, which means as soon as a storm passes through, your cat can resume its outdoor exploration without issue.

Cat in Habitat Haven Catio Tunnel with with Beige Canvas Tunnel Awning

Find the Best Enclosure for Your Pet with Our Catio Company

We offer support before, during, and after you purchase a catio because we want to help you find a product you love that will meet your financial requirements. Start your quest by viewing our variety of pre-configured layouts to see if anything catches your eye. Cats and their pet parents have approved these time-tested catio builder setups.

If you see a layout you prefer but want to make some alterations, you can become your own designer. Add tunnels, stairs, towers, or hammocks to make the enclosure fit your furry feline’s personality better.

Our catio company has a third option for customers who aren’t sure how to create the perfect enclosure. Contact our design team to discuss your situation and ideas. Our handy engineers can take your plans and build nearly any structure.

There is no challenge too big or too difficult to deter our experienced team. We're dedicated to creating catios every customer is happy with, so reach out if you need advice, have questions, or are ready to assemble your first cat enclosure.