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A Pet Lovers' Idea

The inspiration for our enclosures was born out of practical necessity and love.

Cuddles and Ching were adopted and it was decided that they were going to be indoor cats, for their safety and health. But after a while, it was clear that the only excitement they had was when we came home at night and played with them.

They always attempted to make a dash past when the door opened and we felt like goalies trying to block their escape. They also spent a lot of time wistfully gazing out the window. It was important to let them have some way to go outside and be absolutely safe.

The solution needed to be renter friendly and able to come with me when we moved. It needed to be strong and durable. Nothing existed that fulfilled all these requirements and was functional, versatile and attractive too. So we decided to design our own.

We installed our "trial and error" solution around the window and watched my babies take to it immediately. Their energy increased, the escape attempts at the door stopped and they even lost a few pounds. Now they could exercise and explore on their own. Soon other people with pets of all sorts became interested and Habitat Haven was born.

Incredible Catio

We created it to protect our fur babies, and trust it to protect yours.

Our modular enclosures are designed to mix and match to suit your needs. The configurations are limited only by your imagination. The system is designed to expand so it can fit any space, budget, and even expand over time.

Habitat Haven is a labor of love. We’ve been providing safety and happiness to pets & their companions since 2003.

Habitat Haven Designs Have Been Perfected Over 16 Years

We have been making Catio Enclosures since before anyone even knew what Catios were!

Our enclosures are built from strong, durable 2”x2” galvanized steel mesh and cedar. Cedar’s natural qualities act as an insect repellent (fleas, mites, etc.) and the strong steel can keep out any threat. The coated steel mesh we use is powder coated for extra climate protection and aesthetics. Our heavy-duty awnings and hammocks are made from fade-resistant, water-repellent material and are meant to stay out in all weather to provide shelter from sun, rain or snow.

The choice of materials and unique frame-less construction allow the structure and tunnels to be self-supporting as well as visually pleasing so that it practically “disappears in the background.”

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