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The Cats and the Cattery – Benefits that you need to Know!

Are you a cat parent? Then, you must realize that your cat always needs a safe, cozy, and clean habitat to stay. You also understand how much your feline pals love to be at the outset of nature. Your feline fellows take so much responsibility in lessening your anxiety, pressure, and overthinking and ensure that; you never feel lonely. So, isn’t it your duty to take care of their safety and welfare too? But, if you do not know how to start, then; invest inoutdoor cat shelters that will not only provide a safe environment for your cat to play but will also protect your cat from road accidents, harsh weather conditions, and alarming health hazards.

The number of US households purchasing pet products through e-commerce platforms has rapidly increased. Therefore, the pet industry has a billion-dollar market size nowadays.  Several companies sell pet carriers, grooming essentials, and cages. Cat cages or Catios are steel-based confinements of various types like window catio, andcat balcony enclosures that allow your cat to roost on them to enjoy bird watching, experience the sights in nature, and inhale fresh air. 

US Households Buying Pet Products Graph

Figure 1: Growth Rate of US Households Purchasing Pet Products

Source: Common Thread Collective, Data via Statista (2018)

The top 5 advantages ofcat balcony enclosures are:

  1. Provide safety: Once you purchase a cat balcony enclosure, you become stress-free, knowing that your cat is into a healthy activity while being unharmed and unfettered by any external threat. 
  2. Pet-friendly design: The material of the enclosures is heavy-gauge galvanized steel that assures durability. Theseoutdoor cat shelters come with or without wire mesh floors and are typically covered on all four sides or sometimes three sides.
  3. Provide comfort: You can top up the cages with supplements like the inclusion of shelves to assist in climbing and perching, toys, and even hammocks. We all know how much cats enjoy taking naps hence, acat hammock is a “purrfect” bonus for kitties. It is a vital spot for your little fur baby to snuggle and satisfy their sleep and all-day procrastination. Ever heard of the phrase: " curious cat "? Now, cats have an inquisitive nature and these hammocks nurture this natural instinct of theirs. 
  4. Easy-to-install: Cat balcony enclosures are available in pre-designed or DIY, or customized forms, which places an array of options in front of you. The DIY catios are easy to assemble using easily accessible tools, which makes them less cumbersome. All you need to do is follow the instructions given in the manual, and you are all set.
  5. Low maintenance: You do not need to call any professional to take care of the enclosure. You can do it by yourself by keeping a regular check on the cage and removing dust, debris, and waste to maintain hygiene.


Cats are free animals. They hate any sort of intervention in their freedom. They need their own comfy space to cuddle, rest, play, sleep, and roam around. But their safety is in your hands. In this regard, a cat balcony enclosure decorated with shelves, and hammocks can look after their safety, spice up their lives, and be a “paw-some” gift. So, as a responsible cat parent, you must find the best online cat shelter suppliers now to help your cat get rid of its boring life.