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Protecting Birds/Wildlife with a Catio

The lovely sound of birds chirping and flapping wings is one of the many joys you can have outdoors. However,seeing an injured or lifeless bird in the backyard isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone. 

Recentstudies found that domestic and feral outdoor cats kill over 1 billion birds annually. One domestic cat typically kills up to 35 birds annually, while one feral cat is thought to kill between 23 and 46 birds.

These statistics can be quite upsetting as free-roaming cats are clearly affecting bird populations worldwide. So how do we stop our cats from becoming bird bandits and prevent them from leading a life of conservation crime?

The easiest way to deter cats from killing birds is to keep them inside. Additionally, keeping cats inside is one way to secure them from dangers like automobiles, dogs, and cat fights and promotes their overall health. Catios andcat fencing, in this regard, are safer techniques to introduce outdoor life to indoor cats.

If you’re a cat parent who doesn’t only want the solution to this outdoor/indoor dilemma but also wants to protect birds and wildlife in your backyard, this article is for you. Keep reading to find out how Catios protect birds and wildlife. 

How does a Catio Protect Birds/Wildlife? 

A Catio (a patio for a cat) is a unique cat enclosure that can enhance the beauty of your house and yard or blend in to create a seamless extension to the home. It's a secure outside area where your cat may play, exercise, feel the breeze on their whiskers, soak up the sun, hunt for bugs, and observe birds. 

The safe enclosure serves as a sanctuary for your furry friend to enjoy its family outdoor activities. If you make a sizable Catio, you may relax with your cat while reading or napping in a comfortable chair. When your cat gets used to playing in the enclosed area specially crafted for her, it becomes her favorite hangout spot. 

Keeps Cats Contained and Prevents them from Wandering

The most significant benefit of a Catio is that it protects birds and other wildlife by encouraging your cat to watch birds rather than hunt them. A thoughtfully designed Catio with grass, tree stumps, and a lot of vertical space, such as hanging perch andcedar shelves, can blend with your home’s aesthetic appeal. 

Your cat wouldn't be “loose” in the yard because a Catio is fully enclosed, eliminating any danger of escape. You can have a cat door for windows if you install a Catio outside a window. Many cat parents, who opt for this option, install a cat door in the wall leading to the yard.

Moreover, you can use a microchip (electronic) cat door for your customized Catio. It will give you more controlover when and how your cat enters and exits the Catio. Having a microchip cat door for your windows is a practical choice to ensure the safety of your cat as well as birds or wildlife. Many Catios are created large enough for cats to use them comfortably and allow them to spend time with their owners.

In short, an escape-proof grid-wired, and roof-covered Catio that wraps around the rear and side of the house keeps cats safe inside while allowing for year-round outdoor pleasure—seeing your cat or cats behind the wire mesh barriers gives you peace of mind along with the enticing views to enjoy bird watching.

Helps Birds & Other Small Animals Stay Out Of the Catio

A fully netted Catio enclosure is an excellent option for your home if you don't have a cat fence. The free-standing Catio prevents cats from wandering freely and helps birds and other creatures stay out.

Keeps the Cat Protected From Predators, Disease, Injury

Another substantial benefit of having a Catio is your cat’s security. A well-designed,customized Catio doesn’t let your cat out.  It also prevents other predators from entering and harming your pet. 

In addition to protecting your cat from predators, building a Catio is one way to keep it healthy. For instance, finding a way to satisfy your cat's instincts when it has spring fever often presents a challenge for responsible cat owners. 

Allowing your cat to wander outside freely can put it in danger and urge them to pursue small animals and birds. But they can get bored, and potentially destrictive, if you keep them indoors. 

What is the solution to this indoor/outdoor conundrum?

Fortunately, you don't have to decide between danger and boredom. The ideal approach is to provide your cat with the outdoor lifestyle they long for by creating a secure and protected Catio sanctuary.

Stimulating Your Cat’s Sense of Joy for Birds/Wildlife- What Can You Do?

Build a Catio

A custom Catio is the best way to enhance bird-watching enjoyment for your cat. Remember that your bird bandit's Catio is not a jail, but rather a controlled outdoor space that provides enrichment and entertainment.

Cats can enjoy the natural views and noises they are instinctively drawn to in this roomy refuge. Make sure you seek the help of professionals to build a bird-safe garden with a Catio so that your yard may serve as a haven for birds and give your cat countless hours of entertainment.

Make Indoor Window Ledge

Winter and summer weather continues to prevent birds from being busy. An indoor window ledge can be an ideal solution to help your furry friend develop some love and affection for birds. Even in bad weather, your cat may relax indoors and take in the scenery.

Make Your Cat Watch Short Session of Bird TV

Does your pet like couch-time entertainment? 

This can be one way to teach some love for birds and wildlife to your cat. You can find videos of birds, squirrels, and chipmunks, as well as the flash and buzz of birds, on YouTube. Seeing the animals from different places will amaze your kitty and help it develop empathy.   

If your cat cannot control a pounce, make sure your television is securely connected to the wall or TV stand.

Play Nature’s Sound at Home

For your cat, you can bring the sounds of nature indoors. Ask your virtual assistant to "Play Bird and Nature Sounds" if you have one, such as Alexa or Google Assistant. It will help you fill your home with the sound of birds. 

Not only can softly filling the auditory area of your cat make its indoor hours more enjoyable but also nature sounds can help you feel calm and stress-free. 

Summing Up

A Catio is an ideal solution for your active and energetic cat to stay away from birds and wildlife. It is an excellent enclosure for the space and provides safe and clean outdoor enjoyment. If you're looking for an expert Catio designer, contactHabitat Haven in North America to ensure the safety of your cats' and other animals' safety. For 20+ years Habitat Haven has perfected catio enclosures. From design to assembly our expert team has the answers to building your cat's premium outdoor enclosure.