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About Habitat Haven

About Habitat Haven

What is a catio?

How much does custom planning assistance cost?

What are your current lead times? When can I expect my order to ship?

Can I purchase something custom-sized if the size I need is not listed on the website?

Can the catio be easily expanded/add onto in the future?

Can I relocate the catio/take it with me if I move?

How much maintenance is required?

What is the gauge of the wire?



How much does shipping cost?

How will my order be shipped?

Do you ship to Canada?

How long does delivery take?

Am I able to pick up my order?

Warranty & Policies

Warranty & Policies

After placing an order, can I cancel it?

What is your return policy?

Are there any warranties on the catios or other products?

Discounts, Promotions, Sales

Discounts, Promotions, Sales

Do you have any discounts available? Do you ever run sales?

Do you offer discounts for rescues and shelters?