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General FAQ

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Do You Ship to My Area?

How Will My Enclosure Ship?

How Long Does It Take to Make and Ship My Order?

How Much Maintenance is Required?

Would I be Able to Pick Up my Order?

Can I Install the Enclosure by Myself?

After Placing an Order, Can I Cancel It?

Is There Someone in my Area Who Can Install My Enclosure?

I Live Near the Ocean/Sea, Should I Worry About Rust?

Can I Visit Your Shop to See the Enclosures?

Do You Provide Enclosures for Pet Rescues and Shelters?

What is a Catio?

How Long Will it Take for My Cat to Become Comfortable in the Enclosure?

Can a Cat Become Stuck in a Tunnel, Stairs, Bridge, or Enclosure?

I Have a Cat that is Bigger than Average, Will Habitat Haven Work for Her/Him?

Is It True That it is Against the Law for My Cats to Walk On Someone Else's Property?