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Free Freight Shipping on Orders Over $999 | Nationwide USA Installation Partners


Cedar Collection: Catio Shelves and More

Habitat Haven’s premium cedar catio shelves are perfect for building custom catios that will last for years. Not only is cedar extremely durable and moisture-resistant, but its aroma also acts as a natural flea repellent, keeping your cat’s environment hygienic and healthy. From shelves, planks, walkways, staircases, and floors, Habitat Haven has everything you need to create a safe and gorgeous cat enclosure.

Unmatched Durability and Quality

Our cedar catio shelves, flooring, and accessories are built from low-maintenance, high-quality materials, making them the perfect choice for your enclosure. The natural oils in cedar resist moisture, which means cedar can last outdoors for decades without rotting, warping, or attracting insects.

All of our pieces arrive with the necessary hardware for a quick DIY installation. The assembled product will look impressive, and your cat will love the comfortable, pre-sanded surface. No catio is complete without something from our Cedar Collection.

The Perfect View for Your Cat

With our catio shelves, you will never have to worry about your cat getting bored. Build a catio that is deserving of your prince or princess by installing shelves where they can get the best view. We recommend adding a corner shelf to a spot that receives ample sunlight and has a direct angle on birds and treetops so your cat never has a dull moment.

Whether you choose to add additional shelves into a pre-designed catio enclosure or are building one from scratch, corner shelves are great features to balance the more exploration-oriented tunnels and stairs. Check out our walkways and step kits to help your cat safely climb anywhere they want within their catio. 

Add Comfort with a Cedar Floor

Many Habitat Haven pet parents install cat enclosures over existing concrete patios or a grassy space in a backyard. Of course, concrete can be hard and uncomfortable — not to mention quite hot in the summer — and a yard can easily become muddy in a heavy rain.

Our catio Cedar Collection includes flooring planks that make a smooth, even surface for your cat to walk or sleep on at the base of their enclosure. Even better, no hardware is required to install flooring planks. Simply measure and lay the pieces in place to create a sturdy platform.

Building The Best Enclosure for Your Companion

A custom-built cedar catio is the perfect way to expose your cat to the outside world. Functional, versatile, and easy to assemble, our Cedar Collection catio shelves will help your cats discover the joy of the outdoors without compromising their safety. If you have questions or need design help, get in touch with our planning experts. We’ve worked with thousands of pet owners, and we guarantee your satisfaction.