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Cat Fence

Interested in giving your cat access to the great outdoors but looking to enclose a much larger area or exploring more of an open-air feel? Cat fencing may be worth considering instead or in conjunction with your catio plans. The two solutions can actually be quite complimentary.

 In some situations we have customers that utilize our catio systems alongside a fencing system for even more space for cats to explore. For example, catio for access 24/7 and fencing area during the daytime. With both options at your fingertips you now have even more tools to create safe and enriching outdoor space for your cat.

Known as the most effective and flexible cat fencing system in the world, Habitat Haven is now in partnership with Purrfect Fence outdoor cat enclosures. Our staff can help with both Habitat Haven options and Purrfect Fence options. The same exemplary service our customers have come to expect is now available with both options. We are happy to assist you with questions, planning assistance, and quoting.

Cat fencing can be utilized in many different ways and is generally flexible for working around trees, sheds, and other backyard obstacles.

Cat Fencing Options

The options can be summarized into two different types of fencing:

1. Free-standing cat fencing

Create a new cat-proof fence from the ground up wherever you need it. This is popular for open yard areas and property where you can select the location of your fence line as you see fit. In the photo below you can see how the fence line is made in the length and configuration required to suit the space. Learn more about creating a new cat-proof fence here.


Cat Fence Outdoor Enclosure by Purrfect Fence


2. Turn your existing fence into a cat-proof barrier

Using your existing wood, chain link, vinyl/pvc, brick, block, aluminum, or iron fence it is possible to attach a specially designed topper to it to transform your existing fence into an effective and durable cat-proof fence. Below you can see how this system is used to turn a normal metal fence into a cat-safe barrier. Learn more turning your existing fence into a outdoor cat enclosure here.


Outoor Cat Enclosure Fence


Customer Video

We recently helped a customer use various aspects of both Purrfect Fence and Habitat Haven. This customer submitted a video of the finished space you can see below: 


If this is of interest, head on over to or contact our experts to learn more!