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Free Freight Shipping on Orders Over $999 | Nationwide USA Installation Partners


Cat Fencing

Do you wish you could let your cat outside to enjoy your entire open-air yard without worrying about that little Houdini escaping? A cat-proof fence through our sister brand Purrfect Fence may be just what you need.

A catio and fenced yard may even be used in conjunction. For example, catio access 24/7 and a larger area enclosed by a cat fence during the daytime. With both options at your fingertips, you now have even more tools to create a safe and enriching outdoor space for your cat.

Two Cat-Proof Fencing Options

Pet parents can give their cats the freedom they yearn for and deserve by choosing from our two cat-proof fence options. We have solutions suitable for every cat that will turn your yard into a kitty-safe oasis!

1. Free-Standing Enclosure System

Install a barrier from the ground up with a DIY free-standing fence. Enclose a portion or all of your yard with a modular cat fence sized perfectly for your space.

Sturdy & Safe

These patented fences are exceptionally effective at keeping cats from climbing over. If a cat does make it to the top of this cat fence, its weight will cause the arm that controls the upper section of the fence to move downward, dropping the cat safely back to the ground. The swing arm returns back in place immediately, so cats that are determined to try again right away will experience the same outcome.

Modular for Flexible Installation

There are a variety of popular cat-proof fence layouts. If these layouts don’t work for your particular situation, our planning experts can help you create one that will. Start by filling out a design form describing your needs, and an expert will reach out within 48 hours.

2. Existing Cat Fence Conversion System

If you already have a fence in place, you don’t have to tear it down. You can either set up a freestanding fence in front of it or use a conversion system to cat-proof it. 

Cat-Proof Your Fence

Make your fence into a cat fence by keeping cats from climbing over, digging under, or squeezing through gaps. Works with nearly any fence type – vinyl, wood, and even metal fencing can turn into an effective cat fence.

If your fence is between 3 and 5 feet tall, the shorter fence kit can add up to 3 feet to the overall height. This system also comes with the Cat-Proofer spring-loaded arm extensions, and also includes an extender for each arm, which allows you to choose the best height of the cat-proof fence.

Use Catio Parts and Fencing Together - Video

Catio tunnels, bridges, and stairs can be used together with cat fencing to make the purrfect outdoor access system. See this video below where a customer connected their house to a Habitat Haven bridge to a fenced area of their yard. It allows their cats to enjoy their own section of the outdoors whenever they want, and it doesn’t inhibit the walkway around their home.

According to animal experts, allowing your feline to go outside periodically also helps with behavioral issues, so outside access will do wonders for your cat’s health while providing you peace of mind for their safety.

A High-Quality Cat Fence From an Honest Company

The fences are built to withstand varying weather conditions and the test of time. These feline fence enclosures are created from heavy-gauge galvanized steel wire, which goes through a coating process, making it a strong, sturdy, and long-lasting product.

Because we’re a family of pet owners, we understand that you want superior-quality items for your cats. We do our best to meet these demands by supplying you with the highest quality products. After all, your pets are part of your family.

We create cat fence systems and catios with your cat’s safety, wellbeing, and happiness top of mind.

Please reach out if you have questions or need planning assistance.