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Tunnel - Right Turn

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Tunnel with a right turn. A cedar floor is included with each tunnel. Tunnels are the perfect component for securely connecting Habitat Haven components. The openings in stairs, towers, bridges, and enclosures all accept tunnels. So, this makes it a flexible way to span between components or between buildings and the enclosure!

A cedar floor is included with each tunnel. Tunnels are 12"W x 15"H x your chosen length. Tunnels will arrive fully assembled with access points/openings based on the configuration you choose. Tunnels are available in 6-inch length increments from 18" to 92." Keep in mind that tunnels can be connected together to make longer sections than 92." We recommend support approximately every 10-12 feet (either attached to a structure or a support post) but they can be used in longer spans with the understanding there may incrementally more flex and sway the longer you span.

If you have any concern that your cat(s) may get stuck, confused, or fall ill while inside the catio tunnels...have no fear! Small access hatches are available to allow you to get access to your cat that may need your assistance inside a component that is unaccessable in any other way.

Access hatches measure 10"W x 12" H are used for this purpose.


  • Access hatches installed prior to shipping ONLY on straight access tunnels. 
  • Double, bottom, top, left turn, and right turn tunnels will be provided materials to create needed access hatches (optional). Instructions will be provided.

Door Location:

Catio Tunnels greater than 48" will have 2 access hatches - Centered evenly along the length of the tunnel. They will be located on the same side. Catio Tunnels less than or equal to 48" will have a single access hatch centered across the length of the tunnel.

  • This item will come with 8 additional clips for the purposes of attaching it to another Habitat Haven component (Tower, Tunnel, Stair, Bridge, Enclosures, etc.)

This item is made to order. This means the item is fabricated by hand just for you. It goes through an array of steps before it becomes ready to ship. The estimated delivery date shown on this page is primarily accounting for this fabrication time. In some cases, it may be ready in a shorter amount (in very rare cases a bit longer) of time and we will do our best to get it to you as fast as we can without compromising quality! You will be notified via email when your order is ready to ship!