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The Hideaway is a wonderful catio configuration that offers a variety of interesting features with a compact footprint! This catio includes enclosures, tunnels, and stairs.

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The Hideaway provides endless opportunity for your cat(s)! This enclosure system provides extra versatility in placement and arrangement so that you can create your very own cat paradise!

Please note that additional accessories such as awnings, hammocks, ramps, and scratching posts are not included with the catio kit but can certainly be purchased separately!

  • 1 Four-Sided Enclosure with wire mesh floor (46”D x 46”L x 92”H)
  • 1 Four-Sided Enclosure with wire mesh floor (46"D x 46"L x 46"H)
  • 1 Standard Tunnel (92”L)
  • 1 Standard Tunnel (60”L)
  • 1 Four-Step Stair
  • 1 Top Access Box
  • 10 Adjustable Shelves with mounting brackets
  • 12 Planks of Cedar for the floor of both enclosures
  • 1 Human Entry Door (24”L x 60”H on the 92”H enclosure)
  • 1 Human Entry Door (24”L x 36”H on the 46”H enclosure)
  • Pliers, fasteners, heavy-duty wire cutters, metal file, and instructions

If you need either enclosure of The Hideaway to be a 3-Sided enclosure, please contact our team today for a custom quote!

Please review the important information below about this item.

Our enclosures are made from durable galvanized steel mesh panels that are then powder coated black to ensure a long-lasting weatherproof finish.

Floor and Shelves

Our shelves and floor are cut to size and made from cedar which is naturally resistant to water, bugs, rot, and mold. It the ideal material choice for outdoor catio shelving and flooring.

Human Entry Doors

The access doors are 2 feet wide and 5 feet tall. This purposely small door is designed small for a reason. It is installed 4 inches off the ground as well. The door has been tested since 2003 as the most effective way to force the person entering to be mindful of their surroundings. When you enter a door like this, you will naturally be careful of where you step, what is above you and to the side. All of this awareness has proven time and time again to minimize any would-be kitty escapes during entry. The swing of the door (left or right hand swing) is adjustable and can be set to either option during assembly.

Holes for Tunnels, Towers, Stairs, etc.

Component holes are not cut where the tunnels, bridges, stairs, and other components meet the enclosures. Since the mesh is relatively easy to cut on-site during assembly, we leave the choice on where these holes are located up to you so you can position them as you see fit. This also avoids costly mistakes being made and/or accommodates site issues discovered during assembly

Enclosures will arrive partially assembled and flat packed on a pallet. Assembly is straightforward for anyone who would consider themselves "handy." Paper instructions will be provided. It is recommended that at least two reasonably healthy people are present to install the enclosures. Knowledge of basic carpentry and assembly is helpful.

Clips will be provided that secure the enclosure together. In addition, a special tool for snugly fitting/closing the clips is also provided with each enclosure order.

Once unpacked, you will arrange your enclosure near or on the assembly site. Using provided 3 prong clips and specialty pliers, you will connect the edges of your enclosure by setting the edges until you have a fully enclosed and free-standing enclosure. 

At that point, you can then attached to structure/buildings as necessary. Then you can create any needed holes in the enclosure to accept tunnels, stairs, or other accessory components as needed (holes are not made by Habitat Haven - they are made during assembly installation to offer maximum flexibility and minimize the chance for errors.)

This item is made to order. This means the item is fabricated by hand just for you. It goes through an array of steps before it becomes ready to ship. The estimated delivery date shown on this page is primarily accounting for this fabrication time. In some cases, it may be ready in a shorter amount (in very rare cases a bit longer) of time and we will do our best to get it to you as fast as we can without compromising quality! You will be notified via email when your order is ready to ship!