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Catio Shelves

Cedar planks are great for the outdoors, they do not rot and are a flea deterrent. The standard planks are milled 1" thick by 8" wide. Milled wood is slightly smaller than the measurements given.  Wo...

$29.94 USD

Tunnel - Standard

Tunnel with straight access. A cedar floor is included with each tunnel. Tunnels are the perfect component for securely connecting Habitat Haven components. The openings in stairs, towers, bridges, an...

$40.94 USD

Lion's Den Series (Three & Four Sided Options)

The Lion’s Den series is our most popular pre-designed catio series of enclosures for multi-cat households. With a footprint of 46”D x 92”L, it is a great all-around enclosure with significant space f...

$2,077.94 USD

My Own Den Series

The My Own Den Series provides a great all-around fully-enclosed catio with a compact footprint of 46" x 46" to fit even the tightest of spaces! And with 3 options for height, the My Own Den can fit n...

$1,195.94 USD

Four Sided Enclosure - With Wire Mesh Floor

Habitat Haven four-sided enclosures with mesh floor are fully enclosed on all 4 sides, top and bottom. The most secure and flexible of all of our enclosures. This version can be placed standalone anyw...

$1,127.95 USD

Cat Walk Series

The Cat Walk is a great way to give your cat(s) plenty of space to climb, explore and enjoy outdoor space. It is a combination of 3 different components to make one unique enclosure space. A catio tow...

$1,931.94 USD

The Great Escape

With 3 enclosures and 23 ft of tunnels, this catio can be configured in a variety of ways to create a fun and interesting catio that suits your needs! Each enclosure includes adjustable shelving and f...

$4,797.94 USD

The Courtyard

The Courtyard is our most spacious and interesting pre-configured catio design. It was created to maximize the vantage points, activities, and space for your cat(s) to explore. The center even feature...

$4,994.94 USD

The Overlook Series

The Overlook series features an overhead bridge that offers a high vantage point for cats to lounge or perch and watch the world below. Available in 3 different sizes for just one cat or several, thes...

$2,994.94 USD