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Catio Enclosure & Tunnel Awnings

Safe healthy happy habitats for pets!

Awnings serve as a great way to provide shade from the sun and provide partial rain cover! Use them on a part of your catio or on the entire system of tunnels and enclosures. Various color options are available.


 All awnings come with water drainage holes (where needed) and are attached to the enclosure by using weather-resistant cable ties. All materials have been treated with a water repellent and color fade resistant.


Our awnings and hammocks are made from special fabric that is designed to provide shade outdoors and stand up to the harsh conditions of the sun! The material is GreenGuard certified (acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.) and is well suited for use providing shady sanctuary for our furry friends.


For awnings that are 72" x 96" or 96" x 96", they will be a 2 piece awning to leave a gap across the middle of the roof that is approximately 1/2" to prevent significant amounts of water from collecting on the flat roof of the enclosure.



Awnings For Catio Tunnels from $40.95 USD $105.00 USD