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Catio Roof

If you have a catio and want to put a roof on top for extra shelter, Habitat Haven has modern cat awnings for your enclosures and tunnels. Awnings are a great way to provide shade from the sun and protect from snow and rain. Use them on part of your catio or the entire system of tunnels and enclosures. Choose your favorite colored awning to make your catio stand out.

Awnings For Catio Tunnels

Awnings for tunnels are ordered based on tunnel length. Select the quantity of each tunnel awning required then select a color/pattern. Awnings cover the top and overhang all for sides. Each edge feat...

$40.95 USD

Awnings For 4 Sided Enclosures

Awnings for 4 sided enclosures cover the top and overhang all for sides. Select quantity of each 4 sided awning required then select a color/pattern below.  Our awnings and hammocks are made from spec...

$87.95 USD

Awnings For Window Enclosures

This awning fits window enclosures that attach against a wall. Awnings cover the top and overhang all for sides. Each edge features finished trim with a scalloped (wavy) design. Our awnings and hammoc...

$57.95 USD

Awnings For 3 Sided Catio Enclosure

This awning fits 3 sided catio enclosures that attach against a wall. To order more than one 3 sided enclosures awning in different colors make the first selection, Add To Cart, then repeat for the se...

$89.95 USD

Weatherproof and Durable

All awnings come with water drainage holes (where needed) and easily attach to the enclosure using weather-resistant cable ties. The stylish wavy-edged material is waterproof and fade-resistant, so your awning will give your pet years of cooler temperatures to lounge around.

The catio roof awning’s fabric design provides excellent shade and repels the sun’s harsh rays. The material is GreenGuard certified, which means it is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities. This safe material gives your beloved cat an extra layer of protection.

Cat awnings that are 72" x 96" or 96" x 96" will need a two-piece awning to leave a gap across the middle of the roof. The gap opening is approximately 1/2" to prevent significant amounts of water from collecting on the flat top of the enclosure.

Keep Your Cat Comfortable While Outdoors

Whether you already have a catio enclosure or are looking to build one, Habitat Haven offers all the accessories you need to create a comfortable oasis for your pet.

Call to speak with an expert about creating a new catio roof or adding to your existing one.