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The Cat's Den - This was our original name when we first got started in 2003.

Doggie Digs - This was our name for the dog-specific enclosures we offered.

Hangtime - This is our line of pet hammocks that are used inside our enclosures.

When we initially started offering our enclosures in 2003, we were just thinking of helping precious kitties. So, initially, we called ourself the Cat's Den because we thought was a good descriptor of what we did. Over time clients would come to us for use with small dogs so we started calling those enclosures Doggie Digs. Then we started getting inquiries about using our enclosures for large birds, ferrets, chickens, small pigs, rabbits and too many others to name. So we decided instead of having names for every animal out there we would call ourselves something that really captured what we do. And Habitat Haven was born. So, if you read an old article about The Cats Den or Doggie Digs they are one and the same as Habitat Haven! Mystery solved!