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Over the years the demand to create a safe healthy outside environment for other companion pets was overwhelming. The demand from little dog parents was overwhelming. With much research, we found that small dogs have the same needs and there was nothing out there that was addressing these needs. Little dogs have the same need and want to explore the wide world but face more dangers in the out of doors than their larger counterparts. Not just the threat of traffic and falls, but also predator birds and aggressive larger dogs. Now you can give them room to roam safe at home with our innovative enclosure systems for little dogs (up to about 20 pounds/13.5 kg.). If they are left at home alone they can still go outside when they have the need and you do not have to worry that they will not be safe. This relieves separation anxiety and there will be no need for a dog walker. According to a 2005 - 06 survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association 54 percent of small dogs stay indoors during the day - more than medium or large dogs - and 13 percent are considered overweight or obese. A Little Doggie Digs will help to provide a fuller life.

Little Doggie Digs is manufactured with the same design elements as The Cat’s Den. It has been designed to prevent escape while keeping your dog safe and healthy. These are not cages, pens or runs, but enclosure systems that will enhance your dog’s life. They let you relax your guard and enjoy your yard as you give your dog a taste of the free and easy life. Our unique modular designs features tunnels, stairs and bridges that can be configured for any place - backyard, balcony or breezeway. All of the components have been designed to allow dogs to easily pass each other and make climbing stairs a breeze. You’ll find our pet enclosures a snap to put together, expand, or take apart and take with you. Our innovative modular system lets you custom design an enclosure to your pet’s individual needs. Choose from a selection of cedar or plastic wood floor liners, or put the unit right on the grass to let your dog enjoy its cushiony feeling.

To make the outdoors feel more like home we offer accessories including, pet doors, awnings and hammocks in bright, fade resistant fabrics. There is nothing like a hammock to make any living space feel like a home. Our Enclosure Kits were created using some of our more popular design ideas. We have included step by step instructions and all the hardware that you will need. If you require any assistance, we’re only a phone call or e-mail away. Home of Habitat Haven, makers of Little Doggie Digs, is dedicated to a wholesome lifestyle for pets.

Home of Habitat Haven is dedicated to a wholesome lifestyle for pets.

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