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Pets are our companions and part of our families.

Home of Habitat Haven is dedicated to providing a wholesome active lifestyle for pets. We create safe, healthy, happy habitats for cats, small dogs, all pets, rodents, reptiles, and small animals. Our goal is to help you and your pets relax at home, carefree and worry-free!

Home of Habitat Haven is home to The Cat's Den, Little Doggie Digs and Hang Time. Since 2003, we have helped pet owners across North America and around the world give their pets room to roam at home, safe from threat of predators, falls, or traffic.

Our innovative pet enclosure systems let you give your pets the best of both worlds: the safety, health, and comfort of indoor living with the freedom, fresh air, and fun of the great outdoors.

We use only materials that are safe for your pet and are virtually maintenance-free. We've designed these habitats to be escape-proof and attractive, whether in your house, condo, apartment, workplace, or cottage. Our systems are modular so they can fit any space, any budget, and even grow from year to year. Whether you choose from our do-it-yourself configurations shipped to your home, or have them custom-installed, our habitats blend easily into your backyard, balcony, or indoor space and are a snap to expand or disassemble and take with you.

Home of Habitat Haven actively supports pet adoption programs in communities across North America and is a member of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada (PIJAC) and the American Bird Conservancy.

About our Founder

Kris Kischer is founder of Home of Habitat Haven:

Kris Kischer Habitat Haven "When I adopted my two cats, Cuddles and Ching, there was no question that they were going to be indoor cats. After a few months with the two new loves in my life, it seemed to me that the only excitement they had was when I came home at night and played with them. I felt like a goalie as I came in the front door, trying to block their escape. Their favorite spot was by the window, but I did not want to let them go outside because of the risks, both to them and to other animals. And I knew I would be worried the minute they were out of my view!

Living in a rental unit, I needed some way to give them more space that would not interfere with other tenants, and that I could take with me when I moved. I also needed a product that would stand the test of time. Though I searched and searched, I couldn't find an enclosure that was functional, versatile and attractive.

So I made one*. I designed it to blend into the backyard, be easy to disassemble, and allow the cats to access it on their own through the window. After a week, I was amazed at the energy they both had. The fight at the front door was gone and they even lost a few pounds! I didn't have to worry about them, and they got to exercise and explore all they wanted.

Then, of course, the requests started coming in! So I launched The
Cat's Den. Over the years, we've made many pet owners very happy. Home of Habitat Haven is now bringing the same freedom and safety to other companion pets. We look forward to bringing more safety and happiness to your household. *Kris Kischer was prop mistress for the world renowned National Ballet of Canada when she adopted her cats and has plied her handicraft in television, films and just about every major theatre in Ontario. A graduate of Ryerson Polytechnic Institute's Technical Production Department, she majored in carpentry and a number of other skills and crafts germane to her company's success.

Kris Kischer
Home of Habitat Haven

Home of Habitat Haven is dedicated to a wholesome lifestyle for pets.

My name is Kris Kischer. I am the founder of: . We provide industry leading cat enclosure systems, catios, cat condos
and much more from our Toronto, Ontario location, and look forward to providing your cat or dog with an enclosure solution from Home of Habitat Haven.
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