Our next step is to install a cat door through the garage wall, so that the cats can access it by themselves.

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Last night at 4 am, I was awoken as I heard something crash into the cage and cats were flying in the cat door and around the house. I looked out and a young cougar was hanging on the cage. The cats were saved by the den. I was shocked that it stood up to the force of the big cat, but thankfully it did. I live on Vancouver Island and although the big cats are not seen during the day, they are out at night to hunt.

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The “kitties” love it and can’t wait each morning to venture out.

It’s well used and everyone, including my Siberians, love it.

A simple yet elegant enclosure built into the garden.

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A great way to protect them from the coyotes

Trying out the Home Away Form Home Style 3 for the first time.
When it’s raining the cats are reluctant to come inside. My grey tabby Jenna runs and plays like a gymnast out there.

Checking out the Lion’s Den 2.

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