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Outdoor Catio Enclosures

a catio outdoor cat enclosure

Creating the perfect outdoor cat shelter has never been more fun and easy for both you and your cats. Habitat Haven outdoor catio cat enclosures are modular, flexible, and easy to assemble. They can be made to fit nearly any scenario and work within any outdoor space.

Enclosures will arrive partially assembled for the purpose of safe and secure shipping. Instructions will be provided for easy assembly.

Types of Outdoor Catio Enclosures

Window Catio Enclosure

Habitat Haven window catio enclosures are cages that can be attached to the outside of your window. Your cats can climb through an indoor access hatch onto a nice stable platform just outside the home...

$379.94 USD

Four Sided Enclosure - With Wire Mesh Floor

Habitat Haven four-sided enclosures with mesh floor are fully enclosed on all 4 sides, top and bottom. The most secure and flexible of all of our enclosures. This version can be placed standalone anyw...

$1,127.95 USD

Three Sided Enclosure - With Wire Mesh Floor

Three-sided enclosures from Habitat Haven are designed to be installed against a building. One side is open to meet a window, door, or even an opening you create with a pet door in the side of your ho...

$1,227.95 USD

Four Sided Catio Enclosure - No Floor

Four-sided catio enclosures from Habitat Haven feature all 4 sides and top enclosed with an open floor. These open-floor catios are best for level surfaces such as concrete, wood, gravel, mature grass...

$1,059.95 USD

With an array of catio enclosure designs, there are thousands of options and configurations available to build your cat’s ideal outdoor enclosure. Combine them, customize them, mix and match them, and connect them with tunnels, bridges, stairs, towers, and any other Habitat Haven component to create your cat’s perfect outdoor oasis.

Each enclosure is constructed from sturdy galvanized steel wire that is then put through a specialized coating process that adds extra durability to the finish. Our Catio Enclosures are made to the highest quality standards to make your custom outdoor cat shelter the cat’s meow.

Window Catio Enclosures

If you’re planning your first catio or looking for something smaller, consider starting with a window enclosure. These make great perches for cats to get fresh air and sunshine on their own. They can act as entrances to larger catio systems, and can connect with bridges and stairways.

Install these outdoor cat enclosures against windows, walls, fences, and more! These enclosures make great starter pieces for your Catio Enclosure as they are budget-friendly and easy to add on to with other Habitat Haven components when you are ready to expand.

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window catio enclosure

Plan a DIY Catio or Give us a Call

Habitat Haven enclosures are made with modular parts that are easy to put together with tools you probably already own. Assemble it yourself or give us a call at 866-484-0644 if you need any help.

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