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How to Build a Catio Enclosure

A Modular Outdoor Oasis for Cats

Habitat Haven’s enclosures can be assembled in limitless combinations. Our modules and components are designed to mix and match to fit any space and budget. You can choose from our easy-to-assemble and time-tested pre-configured catio kits, or mix and match the components below to build your own kit.

Please request a catio design consultation to discuss any questions you have about how to build a catio. Our expert team can provide advice or help to build the catio of your cat’s dreams with a custom design.

Step 1: Plan Your Catio

Your cat’s ideal outdoor retreat all starts with a solid plan. Take a good look around the area the catio will go. See if any of our pre-designed catios will fit your home. Decide whether you want a simple window catio, or an elaborate enclosure to make the most of your yard. Take a look at the parts available below to see all the great components you have to work with.

Be sure to think about how the enclosure will be accessed from the inside- it’s much easier to put an access hatch through a window than a wall, but it can still be done.

Help from our expert team is available at every step of the way, showing you how to build a catio from planning to purchase and installation, so don’t be afraid to give us a call and ask for a little help.

Step 2: Order the Catio Parts

Take measurements of the space you would like to build your catio. When you order the parts using the parts you’ve chosen, enter the dimensions in depth, length, and height to ensure that your enclosure is just the right size.

Once you have a central enclosure, you can custom build your catio with tunnels, bridges, stairs, towers, and other Habitat Haven parts to create your cat’s perfect outdoor oasis.

Our customizable Catio tunnels are essential when building a catio. They easily connect to Habitat Haven stairs, towers, bridges, and enclosures. They’re great for connecting the catio space with your home or connecting multiple areas to make a larger catio system. Our cat-safe designs are created with your cat’s safety in mind. The best part is how much your cats will love all the added space to roam! 

Catio bridges are great ways to span tunnels over doorways, walkways, and other places where you need a bit of human headroom or just a bit of design flair! All bridges have two access points and come with cedarwood along the floor and on the stairs. The length of our bridges can be customized to fit your chosen configuration. 

Catio stairs offer your kitties a climbing staircase to get them from one point in their enclosure to another where there is a height difference. All stairs come with cedar steps and two access points. The stairs will arrive fully assembled. Use stairs when building a catio to add a bit of verticality to a dynamic custom design.

Catio towers are modular, flexible, and optimal for climbing. They are made with a sturdy cedar floor and attached shelves that can also be replaced with plastic wood. Catio towers are three-sided with a 6" lip on one side to attach to the building and openings that easily connect to tunnels, bridges, and stairs. Choose from towers with a single access point, or a double access point to make a pass-through cat run.

When deciding how to build a catio best suited for your cats, you’ll want to make it feel like home. Accessorize your enclosure with creature comforts like awnings for shelter, a hammock to lounge in, custom doors, and other accessories to complete your outdoor cat enclosure.

Step 3: Install Your Catio

Habitat Haven outdoor catios can be built by the average handy person using the tools you probably already have in your garage, or can easily pick up at a local hardware store. We recommend that two able-bodied people be available on the day of installation. Instructions included with your catio parts will show you how to build it with step-by-step directions that include attaching the mesh cage to the outside of your home, connecting the components together, and adding accessories like awnings or hammocks. Need some install help? Ask us about recommendations in your area for installation.

Step 4: Have a Happier, Healthier Cat

Veterinary experts agree building a catio with outdoor access is a safe and effective way to reduce stress in cats, address behavior issues, and keep them entertained. Enjoy!

Cat laying on patio