Cat Enclosure How To Build

If you are unable to find what you would like with our predesigned kits you can create your own Home of Habitat Haven outdoor pet enclosure by choosing the pieces that would suit your area the best way. All pieces connect to each other with ease. Before connecting the tunnels, stairs, towers or bridges to the enclosures, you will need to cut out an access hole so that they can be attached.

The only tools that are required are a hack saw and file. You can also use bolt cutters if you have them handy. Follow the template that is provided so that you have the correct sized hole.

We have designed the human size doors with the sly cat in mind. The regular doors are 24”W x 60” H. They are 4 “ from the bottom of the door panel. The reason for the small size of the doors is so that when you are entering the enclosures you are aware of your surroundings and will be aware if a cat tries to run out. Also available are non-trip doors which are used when the door is put in front of downward stairs or for people that have difficulty lifting their feet.

For people that want to be able to cut the grass in their enclosures, we have make the non-trip 32”W door. For enclosures that are under 60” tall we have a small human size door with the dimensions of 24”W x 36”H that is 4” from the bottom. Standard doors open Left to Right, but if you require a Right to Left door please specify, plus all doors come with a turn latch, padlock ability, on one side of the door. If you will need to lock the door from the inside of the enclosure please let us know and another latch can be installed on the inside of the door.

The wood that is used in the enclosures are cedar planks. The standard size is a milled 1” thick x 8” wide. Milled wood is slightly smaller then the measurements given. For example 8” wide will actually be 7 1/4 wide. When choosing wood for the floor it is always good to have a space between the wood for the water drainage and for the wood to expand and contract.

All custom outdoor car enclosure kits will come with the appropriate hardware, instructions and pliers. Just choose the number of pieces that you will need to build your personal Habitat Haven play pen.

Custom Designs

Custom orders are the best way to achieve the outdoor cat enclosure that will blend in with your outside surroundings and give your cats the most room to play. If trying to figure out what you will need is a bit too overwhelming, just send us an email with a photo of where you would like the enclosure to go and we would be more than happy to give some suggestions. If you would prefer to have someone come by and give you a free estimate, take a look at our website for an installer in your area. If you live in the southern Ontario area, one of our professional installers would be happy to come out and discuss you and your cat’s requirements and budget for an outdoor cat enclosure.

Custom Order Quotes Online

For your convenience you can place a request for a quote by submitting your enclosure requirements and a picture of the designated area, either by email, fax or regular mail. Please include measurements of the area and a brief description of the enclosure that you would like. If you would like the enclosure to match the colour of your house, you will have to mail us a paint chip so that we can make sure it matches. Once we have received your information, you will be contacted by phone to discuss the enclosure. We will email your quote to you.

Home of Habitat Haven is dedicated to a wholesome lifestyle for pets.

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