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2015 Catalog:

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Doggie Diggs Features 17
Kits 18
How To Build Your Own 19
Enclosures 20 21 22
Stairs & Bridges 23
Tunnels 24
Porch & Components 26 27
Wood 28
Accessories 29
Hangtime Hammocks 30
Awnings 31

Order Policies:

1) There is no maintenance required because of the use of cedar wood and galvanized mesh. Earth’s environmental conditions will shorten the life span of the enclosures. It is recommended that you grease the pins of the door hinges once a year.

2) It is suggested that at least two people install the enclosures.

3) It is not recommended that cats 3 months, toy dogs 4 months or younger be allowed in the enclosure made from the 2"x 2" mesh. It is possible that the kittens or puppies will slip out or their heads will get stuck. For other dog breeds it is up your own judgment to the age of the dog allowed in the enclosure.

4) We will accept any standard pre-packaged kits for a refund of the purchase price of the product with 30 days of the delivery date to the customer. There will be a $50.00 administration and restocking charge. The cost of shipping the returned item will be the customer's responsibility. In all other circumstances all sales are final.

5) We do not refund shipping and handling charges under any circumstances. If there is damage done during delivery to the customer we will send replacement parts. A damaged part in no way extends our return policy to cover refunding shipping and handling costs or the cost of shipping products back for refund or exchange.

6) Damaged accessory items must be returned before we will send a replacement item. Proof must be provided of damaged cage parts before they will be replaced. This may include a digital photo, analog photo, video or return of the damaged item. This proof will be requested at Home of Habitat Haven's discretion.

7) We cannot accept returns and will not issue credits for products damaged due to the customer's improper packaging of item, including damage incurred while shipping the product back to Home of Habitat Haven. It is the customer's responsibility to properly package and insure returned packages as well as handle any claim issues regarding damage during return.

8) We are not responsible for damage done during assembly/disassemble of product.

9) We cannot accept returns for used or opened accessory items, unless it is due to a defect with the product. This includes and is not limited to damage done to any Hangtime products.

10) We cannot refund items that have any type of animal contamination such as, but not limited to feces or urine. If we receive returned items with contamination on them, they must be returned to the customer at the customer's expense and cleaned of any contamination and returned to Habitat Haven or the value of the contaminated parts will be deducted from the total dollar amount of the refund.

11) Once returns are received by Home of Habitat Haven they will be inspected for damage. Acceptance of a return from an outside carrier does not mean Home of Habitat Haven agrees the products are in acceptable condition for a refund. Once the packages are opened and inspected, any part in damaged or unacceptable condition will be deducted from the return amount. Cages and accessory items are not necessarily inspected immediately upon receipt. Unacceptable or missing items will be deducted from the refund amount at the full retail price. It is solely at Home of Habitat Haven's discretion to determine if the parts are in acceptable condition or missing.

12) We do not refund defects in the wood or bamboo, this includes and are not limited to cracks, splits and warping. It is at Home of Habitat Haven's discretion to determine if a flaw warrants a replacement or refund.

13) Deposit is due once order is placed and the remainder is due before the product is shipped. If any extended payment terms are granted or a charge back is filed with the credit card processor, there will be a 2% per month service charge for any balance beyond the agreed upon payment date until the payment is received in full.

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