Stray Cat Blues

Home of Habitat Haven provides a solution for stray cat blues as municipalities adopt by-laws that prohibit feline trespassing

TORONTO, ON – May 1, 2006 – As more and more municipalities across, adopt fineable by-laws that prohibit feline trespassing, The Cat’s Den, a new pet accessory company is finding an increased demand for their unique product.

The Cat’s Den offers a unique solution to the dilemma of feline freedom, indoor and out door cat exercise and protection. The Cat’s Den is a pet enclosure that allows your cat to co-exist in both an indoor and outdoor environment, without the worry and hassle of ‘letting the cat out’.

Manufactured and developed in Canada by Kris Kischer, The Cat’s Den is the only product of its kind on the market. Neither a fence nor a cage, The Cat’s Den is an enclosure that can attach to the side of an exterior house or apartment wall, extending the cats territory while providing easy and safe access for cats to wander outdoors from their indoor home thereby preventing the cat from wandering far field, notably on lawns and in neighbours’ gardens.

“With the Cat’s Den,” explains Ms Kischer, “I’m offering clients something that wasn’t there before, just in time, it would seem, for the by-law, which is also relatively new. The Cat’s Den provides, cat owners with a safe and secure way of allowing their cats to go out without the worry and danger of predators, traffic and now the cat police. With the warm weather here, we’re anticipating strong demand for our product this summer.”

Ms Kischer has mounted her own humane, proactive offensive to help strays well before the feline by-laws became an issue. Her benevolent promotion works both for the orphan cats it helps find homes for, as well as the participating pet storeowners.

Ms Kischer offers pet retailers a Cat’s Den for their store in order to display stray cats for adoption, which she finds at local humane societies and cat shelters. “Though The Cat’s Den product is, in some retail settings, difficult to display, we’ve found a way to be creative, help the stray cat population and yes sell some product,” she explained. “We provide a Cat’s Den for the store and the local humane society bring their strays down where people can see them much more readily. To date it’s working quite well with about 50 of strays being adopted by good homes.

The Cat’s Den is constructed from cedar wood that weathers naturally, does not rot and acts as an excellent flea deterrent, which is a concern with letting your cat outside. It is also made with galvanized rust proof mesh making The Cat’s Den maintenance free and built to last.

Prices vary, depending on the size and complexity of the installation. The Company’s professional installers can install all custom orders, in Southern Ontario, or they will also be pleased to ship your Cat’s Den anywhere in North America. Each kit comes complete with how to directions and is easy to install.

The Cat’s Den is also available at the following pet retailers: Critter Jungle in Ottawa, Global Pet Foods in Orangeville. The Cat’s Den will also be on display at a number of trade shows this spring and summer. Check upcoming shows for details, and review our customer testimonials and product updates.

Home of Habitat Haven is dedicated to a wholesome lifestyle for pets.

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