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Introducing The Catís Den,
a unique new product that provides cats with the freedom of outdoors and the safety of indoors

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TORONTO, ON Ė March 21st, 2006 ĖThe Catís Den is pleased to introduce a unique solution to the dilemma of feline freedom, indoor and out door cat exercise and protection. The Catís Den is a pet enclosure that allows your cat to co-exist in both an indoor and outdoor environment, without the worry and hassle of letting the cat out.

Manufactured and developed in Canada by Kris Kischer, The Catís Den is the only product of its kind on the market. Neither a fence nor a cage, The Catís Den is an enclosure that can attach to the side of a exterior house or apartment wall, extending the cats territory while providing easy and safe access for cats to wander outdoors from their indoor home.

ďIn developing The Catís Den we took into account the fact that no two cats or spaces are exactly the same,Ē said Kris Kischer, President, The Catís Den. ďTo address that issue we designed seven different models, all of which can be customized to a customers specific situation. We aim to please and will be happy to design a custom enclosure if the need arises.Ē

The Catís Den is constructed from cedar wood that weathers naturally, does not rot and acts as an excellent flea deterrent, which is a concern with letting your cat outside. It is also made with galvanized rust proof mesh making The Catís Den maintenance free and built to last.

The Catís Den can be purchased online at Prices start at $695 and vary, depending on the size and complexity of the installation. All kits ordered, in Southern Ontario can be installed by the Companyís professional installers, or they will also be pleased to ship your Catís Den anywhere in North America. Each kit comes complete with how to directions and is easy to install.

The Catís Den is also available at the following pet retailers: Critter Jungle in Ottawa, Global Pet Foods in Orangeville.

The Catís Den will also be on display at a number of trade shows this spring and summer. Check the web site for details, customer testimonials and product updates.

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