Habitat Haven Testimonials

Dear Good folks at Habitat Haven,
Thanks to your great design for cat enclosures and ease of set up, I have another room especially for my kitties, Tiger and Lily--and they have their own private rain forest now---now, when I return home from work, my cats are always out in the patio to greet me when I open the gate! A couple of happy campers lazing in the sun and watching birdies in the morning, I can leave home without shutting them in all day. Keep up the great work habitat haven!
A happy customer and happy cats in Texas. Christina.

Are we ever enjoying our system! The ultimate test happened last week. Mitra slipped out the front house door and ran outside. Upon realizing she was very exposed, she ran to the side gate, jumped over the fence, scurried into the back yard and began frantically running from enclosure to enclosure, pulling and scratching at the walls to try to get in. Ha! She who was always trying to get outside now prefers her enclosures.

And when I open the doors to clean the boxes or feed, no one ever tries to leave the enclosure, and this from a bunch of cats who love nothing better than dashing out any open door anywhere. It always amazes me how they make not a step toward the door.

AND…all the birds are finally back in the yard and loving the birdfeeders, which we had stopped using as it was just helping the cats prey on them (the cats used to go into the fenced back yard for a few hours in the afternoon). And now the dogs can come into the back yard at last and hang around the house (we have a couple of high prey drive dogs we could never let in the cat yard) and the cats are getting used to the dogs, finally, now that they can observe them in detail. Plus, we see the dogs finally recognizing that “cats are people, too”, and the cats are having a great time watching the nearby birdfeeder activity from the comfort of their hammocks and perches. It’s ALL GOOD! Not to mention our peace of mind having the house to ourselves most of the day.

You rescued all our lifestyles: human, cat, dog, and bird!!
Day - Solvang CA

Hi Kris,

Last year I purchased the room with a view from you. This was the start of more custom enclosures and remains the hub of outdoor activity for my 3 cats. They were unsure at first, but now love hanging out in the room, and of course their two other custom rooms.

Last night at 4 am, I was awoken as I heard something crash into the cage and cats were flying in the cat door and around the house. I looked out and a young cougar was hanging on the cage. The cats were saved by the den. I was shocked that it stood up to the force of the big cat, but thankfully it did. I live on Vancouver island and although the big cats are not seen during the day, they are out at night to hunt.

Thanks again for making such a great product that allows the cats fresh air without the hazards of being outdoors unprotected.

Nanaimo, BC

Hi Kris,

I have to tell a funny story about our enclosure. We have 5 cats, 4 of whom spend many hours every day out in "the tubes" as we call them. Today, our 5 month old (50 lb) lab puppy became sufficiently curious about where the cats were going, that he climbed out the window and became stuck in the enclosure! He was in a long straight section and couldn't move forward and couldn't inch back. I wish we'd got a photo. I was at work at the time, and my sons were stymied as to how to get him out. After some time to ponder, on the pup's part, he was able to twist himself around and come back in through the tiny window. All ended well, and I'll bet he'll leave The Tubes to the cats from now on!

Portland, OR

Hi Kris,

My husband ordered the cat cages from you a few weeks ago and we wanted to thank you for such an excellent product. The cats were a little hesitant the first day because they wanted to scope it out while we weren't looking, but now they can't wait to fly out the window into their new cage. They absolutely love it! They enjoy the long tunnel and just sit in it and stare out. We looked at a lot of cages before we decided on the Cat's Den which was the most interesting and exciting for two inquisitive Siamese cats. We will send better pictures, but wanted you to see these for now.

Thanks again and take care,
Portland, OR

Hi Kris,

You installed "My Own Den" for my 2 ragdolls a month ago. I just wanted to let you know "the experience". The 1st day out they hated it, these cats don't meow, but they found their voices and let me know. I brought them in after 15 min.

2nd day, out they went and I sat out with them. Well, didn't they love that! We stayed out about 1 hr.

Now, they are at the back door in the morning and will stay out all day. Sassy has fallen twice off the top because she watches the birds flying around, gets exited and loses her balance, she lands on her feet though and is right back up at the top. They absolutely love it, that enclosure was money well spent. They also sleep together in the hammock! I put their litter box out, bowl of food & water and they're good to go.

Mississauga, ON

Hi Kris,

I wanted to let you know how happy my three cat's are with their new cat's den. Being "reformed" indoor cats, they play like kittens in their den. Batting at leaves and insects, leaping from one perch to another while in hot pursuit of each other and lounging restfully in the sun. All three learned to use the cat door very quickly. My rabbit also enjoys visiting the great outdoors in safety. Thank you so much for giving my darling pets another option for exploration and another avenue to expand their lives.

Newmarket, ON

Hi Kris,

Here, with an update. Have had a lot of people stopping by either my family or friends to see the enclosure, or people walking by on the path who think it is interesting. They ask how much does it cost etc. One women said her mother's cat came home with a death threat note attached to it's collar, so now the cat goes on a leash only, but isn't happy. She thought her mother would be interested in an enclosure. My neighbours say that they don't have to go to Jungle Cat world now. I love the enclosure, thanks for a great job.

Lindsay, ON

Hi Kris;

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for the enclosure that we bought for our cats. I installed the "Room With a View" on Saturday by myself because my husband was working and I couldn't wait to see the kittens enjoying themselves. It was so easy to assemble and erect that I had it completely finished in about 2 hours. Silky and Satin were playing outside in their new playpen by Sat. afternoon. You have managed to make the kit so user friendly that even a single person living on their own can assemble it. All the necessary hardware was included as promised and even the special pliers were included in the kit.

Thanks so much for an excellent product. I'm sure we'll be adding on in the future and I'll be contacting you again.

Warmest regards,
Lynn Henry.
Elora, ON


I just can't thank you enough for being in business!! I wanted an outdoor enclosure and searched EVERYWHERE for something that would work. When I found your website it was exactly what I wanted. It was PERFECT. Well built, metal, safe, sturdy, secure. I thought when I saw it "There's no way I can afford this." But your prices are so reasonable, it would have cost me just as much to build something and the quality would not have been as good. I also wanted to thank you for going out of your way to find a shipper with discounted pricing to the USA. I just can't recommend you enough to my friends. My neighbors and friends always come over to watch the cats playing. The cats are SO HAPPY now. They go out and play in the rain, snow, night, day, they just love it out there! Also, Nix FINALLY lost those extra pounds! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Kara & Dean (and Mazi, Nix, Wicca & Tello)
Rockypoint, NY

Hi Kris,

I called you this AM and left you a message, as I told you , your truck was still in front of my house and the 3 cats were out in the run exploring. THEY LOVE IT!! I have accomplished nothing today as I have spent the whole day watching my cats enjoying the outside. It really warms your heart.

Feel free to use my name if a reference is needed-- I am thrilled! I will send you some photos of the cats out in their run. Thanks again, it was worth every penny.

Toronto, ON

Hi Kris,

Thank you so much for a great job!! We love it - so do our neighbours!! The cats are intrigued - one cat has taken to it immediately and will spend as long as we allow him each day just lying out on the shelves. The other one is a bit nervous, so he likes to have the basement window open so he can jump in and out (constantly!).

Anyway, thank you again. We will take some at the weekend with the cats in it and e-mail you for your book!

Best wishes
Port Credit, ON

We just wanted to let you know that we are so pleased with the "Den". The kids (Taz, Jack-Hoover & Willie), after a little apprehension, absolutely love going outside and we will be contacting you next year for an addition. I love the freedom it gives them and the secure feeling that it gives me. Guests are amazed at how it looks and your choice for the colour was excellent. Thanks again and if you ever need a reference please feel free to use us.

JP & Barbara
Scarborough, ON


Just to let you know the den arrived safely and the truck driver very kindly unloaded it and transported it to the nearest point for our building. Very easy to erect and the cats love it. Thanks so much for your prompt help. Here are a couple of photos

Deep River, ON

I just wanted to send you a really big THANK YOU!! The hammocks are working out great!!

The cats and the staff think they are very stylish too! Hopefully we will see you soon,

Newmarket, ON

Hi Kris,

We would like to thank you for the excellent job you did enclosing our deck. It has given us great piece of mind. If our cats are happy, we are happy.

Jon and Jo-Ann
Toronto, ON


I thought I'd update you on our wonderful cat enclosure. Our Siberian cats, Pumpkin and Salem, love the enclosure. It took Pumpkin 15 minutes to get used to it, and Salem wasn't far behind. They are in and out all day and night, even in the rain! They are definitely much happier cats now that they get to go (safely) outside. Pumpkin goes up through the tower in one quick jump, while Salem climbs more daintily from perch to perch.

Our red foot tortoise Basil is also enjoying the enclosure (and the heat and humidity this summer, given that her breed comes from South America). We've started a garden of edible, non-toxic perennials and annuals, and she and the cats enjoy romping through (and occasionally chomping on) the growing plants. We are able to leave Basil outdoors day and night (providing it doesn't fall below 16 degrees Celsius, which it hasn't for most of the summer).

We've had other creatures visit (mostly raccoons, birds and squirrels, but Steve saw an opossum out there one morning), and the cats just relax on their perches and watch with curiosity and amusement, safe in the knowledge that no one can get at them.

Our neighbors really enjoy the enclosure, too, stopping on their way to and from their houses to see where everybody is (Pumpkin usually in the tube sleeping, Salem out exploring, and Basil nibbling on the clover).

Thanks again for the wonderful product. It is worth every penny.

Susan and Steve
Toronto, ON

Hi Kris,

Rocky was a slow-moving 4 year old who spent most of her time sleeping. Now, I call her Spidercat. She is so proud of her skill at running up and down in the entrance part of our enclosure and calls me to come and watch her. She and her buddy, Cairo, spent huge amounts of time outdoors, especially at night. They love to sit outback and watch...I guess the stars, which are really amazing here.

These cats have taken to their new home in Florida so well because of the enclosure and we are now on the 'tour' as so many people stop by to see the new contraption. "Is it for birds?" I get asked a lot. They are amused to watch the 3 kitties play and sleep under the palm trees.

Cairo lets me know he wants to get his harness and leash on to go for a stroll by climbing out into the big enclosure while Sierra lets me know she doesn't want her harness and leash on by running into the first section where she knows I can't get her.

This invention has created a wonderful world for my cats and relieved me of great stress as they moved from outdoor cats to indoor cats. They are happy with this arrangement and I thank you for coming up with this amazing set of runs.

London, ON and Naples, FL

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