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What others are saying about Home of Habitat Haven Cat Enclosures and Catios
Steve from Bartlesville Oklahoma
Thanks for your great products and as you can see we are quite sold on the habitat haven concepts as these enclosures are already much loved and appreciated by our cats and even us as we sit out on our new deck having coffee in the mornings with all our cats joining us to listen to the birds and watch the wildlife in our back living area- Steve, Bartlesville, OK

The Animal Communicator - Reisa Mary Stone

It wasn't an easy decision. The tiny sparrow fledgling was doing what fledglings do: sitting on the ground and chirping loudly. In the background were two stalking cats. The bird sanctuary has been feeding them out of misguided compassion. I love cats, I've rescued cats. A bird sanctuary is not a place for cats. I'd spoken to staff about the issue several times. I've also cuddled and talked with the cats. Lovely, confused creatures, dumped by irresponsible people.

Dear Good folks at Habitat Haven, Thanks to your great design for cat enclosures and ease of set up, I have another room especially for my kitties, Tiger and Lily--and they have their own private rain forest now---now, when I return home from work, my cats are always out in the patio to greet me when I open the gate! A couple of happy campers lazing in the sun and watching birdies in the morning, I can leave home without shutting them in all day. Keep up the great work habitat haven! A happy customer and happy cats in Texas. Christina.

Lindsey Doermann Comments on article about outdoor cats
I have been watching this issue of cat predation on wildlife for some 30 years. I like cats and have re-homed several from animal control. However, the impact of feral and free roaming cats on wildlife is monumental and really should be addressed far more aggressively than it is at present. The domestic cat is an invasive species in the US. As such, there should be NO legal reason that all feral cats cannot be removed from any environment where they are a threat to native species. In Florida feral cats catch and kill endangered sea turtle hatchlings as they emerge from their eggs and make their way to the ocean. Feral cats catch and kill many native birds because many passerines do not leave their nests fully flighted, but leave their nests many days before they are able to fly. During this period they are climbing around in low bushes if they fall from the trees. While habitat loss, wind turbines, windows and lights on cell towers kill millions of birds, that is NO reason for concerned persons to avoid taking action to remove the threat posed by feral and free roaming cats. In fact it should be an encouragement to remove cats, thus reducing these unnecessary losses.

Magazine Animal article by Chantal Brousseau about outdoor cat enclosures

Your Cat Enclosure Questions Answered

What is a Catio?
A Catio is a new term for an outside enclosure for cats. Whether it be an enclosure around your patio, on the patio or away from the house as long as it is a safe place for your cats to roam outside it is a Catio. It can come in many different sizes and shapes. Not only can it be an enclosure but there are tunnels, stairs and bridges that can add interest to a Catio. The higher the better like in a tree or along a fence are the best places for a Catio.
Do you provide cat enclosures for pet rescues and shelters?
Yes there are a number of rescues and shelters that have our enclosures for their cats. They have found that it helps alleviate a number of issues that are found in shelters like upper resp, infighting and behaviour problems. We also have a number of stores that have our enclosures in the stores to house cats that are for adoption. The shelters find that the enclosures help show the personality of the cats better this way. They are able to find homes for cats quicker than the conventional method.

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"a cougar was hanging on the cage..."
Last night at 4 am, I was awoken as I heard something crash into the cage and cats were flying in the cat door and around the house. I looked out and a young cougar was hanging on the cage. The cats were saved by the den.
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