Oakland California

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What a way to get from one side to the other.

Mariposa California

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They spend many happy hours watching the birds, lizards, bugs, and an occasional mouse. They are happy, and I am happy!

San Diego California Gallery 2

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It is easy to install at any age. Even a tunnel that is way up high.

Carnation WA

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From one tower to the next, more to add on later.

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Kirkland WA

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My two cats are loving their “outdoor” time.

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Woodland WA

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The cats are loving the access from the bay window

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Glendale Arizona

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San Marcos California

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A great enclosure installed by Cabitats for the Guardian Angels Animal Rescue.

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Houston Texas Gallery 1

Houston Comments Off on Houston Texas Gallery 1

Dear Good folks at Habitat Haven,

Thanks to your great design for cat enclosures and ease of set up, I have another room especially for my kitties, Tiger and Lily–and they have their own private rain forest now—now, when I return home from work, my cats are always out in the patio to greet me when I open the gate! A couple of happy campers lazing in the sun and watching birdies in the morning, I can leave home without shutting them in all day. Keep up the great work habitat haven!

A happy customer and happy cats in Texas. Christina.

Houston Texas Gallery 2

Houston Comments Off on Houston Texas Gallery 2

No better way to use a small space

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